Mark has landed in South America

Mark Farner's American Band is thrilled to be in São Paulo, Brazil - check out Mark chatting with a journalist promoting the upcoming shows!

New screen-printed art

Check out the store to get your Mark Farner swag on:

mark chats with flintside

“I loved hearing my name called during football games, but I ended up getting injured when I was 15.” Therefore, Mark’s mother rented a Kay Flat Top acoustic guitar and paid for six lessons. After only three lessons, his guitar teacher was in a hunting accident and...

MUsicTAp review

The show presented on the newly available CD is top-notch providing the same level of raucous delivery that we would expect from Farner and Grand Funk Railroad. The guitar-playing is as good as it’s ever been by Farner, who has the same level of crowd camaraderie that... review

Mark Farner | Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul: Live 1989 – DVD Review Check out the recent review here.

Mark Farner Remembers- NYS Music

“When I see the video of Shea, it all comes back. I get goosebumps and can see myself fighting back the tears and floating three feet above the stage as I’m trying to sing ‘I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home).’ With a crowd of 50,000 like The Beatles, we really didn’t...

Mark on making sound podcast

Mark recently joined the 100th episode of Making Sound with Jann Klose Podcast. Listen here: