Michigan’s legendary rock and roll guitarist and frontman Mark Farner announced today that “Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother” is the latest release from his popular, critically-acclaimed online video tutorial series “Farner Chords”. Following previous releases “People, Let’s Stop The War” and “Footstompin’ Music”, the song“Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother” originally appeared on the 1970 studio album “Closer To Home”. 

Farner’s lead guitar work captures the energy, the turbulence of a generation. Still relevant today, “Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother” explores the dynamic between good and evil. Farner’s determined, yet dark guitar collides with the drowning funk rhythms. 

Farner Chords are free and available online at https://markfarner.com/farner-chords/.

“I’d like to continue offering these videos for the music fans all around the world and share with them the gift of music,” Farner said. “’Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother” is one of the deeper cuts, but fans ask me about it constantly. It’s too important of a song to not share.”