To end any and all confusion as to what chords I used or how I, Mark Farner, played some of my compositions (songs)… Myself and my friend, an accomplished cinematographer Jimmy Romeo, put together some instructional videos showing the actual chords I formed and used on the original recordings of songs you may be familiar with.” When I asked Jimmy “what would we call this series?

Jimmy simply replied “I’d call it FARNER chords


 “i thought it was important to launch this free video series to pay homage to all my musician friends around the world.  I’ve had many tell me they love my music and dig playing the songs, but I noticed that some play the wrong chords inversions. Some have even approached me and said, “Hey Farner, how do you make that chord? So I thought…what a great way to show them the 



i wanted fans, Guitar and Keyboard players alike to actually see and hear how i play these songs. This free video series provides a comprehensive and detailed look at the chords and techniques from the man who wrote the songs.

“I didn’t want to charge for these instructional videos because the Freedom that music brings is exampled in the gift here. They are for those musicians who desire to learn how to play the songs.”

Farner Chords

Season 1 – Volume 4

Season 1 - Volume 4 - Creepin

Season 1 - Volume 3 - Sins A good Man's Brother

Season 1 - Volume 2 - footstompin' music

Season 1 - Volume 1 - people lets stop the war