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Special Thanks
We'd liked to say a special Thanks to all those involved in the building of this site. I'm very excited about it and it would not have been possible without all who have contributed.

Special Thanks to Lynn Goldsmith for the photos you contributed here but also all the photos and creativity from you to my career over the years with regards to Grand Funk Railroad and my solo career. You're awesome!

Special Thanks to Michael Seeley and Jeff Albertson for the awesome vintage photos.

Special Thanks to Electric Dave for scanning your collection of goodies and allowing us to use them for this purpose.

Special Thanks to Sue Anderson-Thull for all the hours you've put into this site and all the photos and art that you've contributed.

Special Thanks to Cindy Page-Atkins for all the photos you've sent our way and for the "Mark Farner Fan Zone" site as well.

Special Thanks to Dave at Missingink for the creativity and time you've invested in this site.

Special Thanks to Chuck & Carol Eisenhardt for all the great photos.

Thank-you for the love you all have expressed!
Brother Mark
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